Spark and Scala and Big Data in General


Process JSON in scala for Spark.

Effective Scala

Guide to advanced Scala user.

Apache Spark

Spark is a in-mem platform for fast compute (ebay uses Spark); Hazelcast is data grid that is more about storage than computing; Cascading is a tool for building data processing pipline.

Spark set up script for AWS EMR from s3 provided by amazon

Best Practice for Testing Spark

Report Analysis Using Spark: Spark Report Patterns

Have you tried Spark API yet, I mean all of them? Examples for all the API functions.

Experience with Spark: The author has extensive hands on experiences with Spark. It seems he has encountered many issues. The one of the comments is from a Spark contributor, who points readers to some ways of improving app performance when using Spark.

AWS and Hadoop related

hdfs or hadoop fs is a client side tool to work with hadoop cluster. It requires proper config. hdfs user is the super user.

Boost performance of S3

Hadoop for dummies by Yahoo!

Deploying a Hadoop 2.0 Cluster on EC2 with HDP2


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