Data Visualisation and Data Monitoriong

Chapter 1: Customised Data Visualisation

1.1 Why and When to use Nodejs

1.2 How to integrate Spring, nodejs and MongoDB: Ref[0] Ref[1]

1.3 My comments on D3 js and Javascript Frameworks

D3js is powerful yet “plain”. It would be good to use frameworks that works on top of d3js. DCJS and NVD3 got my attention. However, it is always tricky to choose between open source libraries. What if the project is abandoned tomorrow for any personal reasons? One plus side of commercial solutions. Still I’d like to avoid Tableau and for the moment. This is simply because I’d rather not be tied to a product by investing much time to understand its relatively closed eco system. Adding Tableau or on my CV is not as nice as simply putting “data visualisation”, is it? 🙂

Chapter 2: Data Monitoring

2.1 Configure StatsD with Graphite

2.2 Graphite Mechanism and Several Use Cases: from Single Node to Multiple Node

2.3 A hands-on guide of clustering Graphite with many insight explanations on Graphite.

2.4 Another detailed explanation on Graphite


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